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Influence of Friends

Every great artist has great influences. For me, my best friends and family are the reason I'm able to do everything I do. Throughout 2018 i began creating music with the hopes of getting something more out of my free time. It ended up being the thing that changed my life as the experiences I've got to have just for hanging out with my best friend and making music is priceless. Although what makes me more determined to make more music is my friends always being there to support me and growing up i really didn't exactly know what a best friend really was. This is a post

making just to thank all of my friends for inspiring all of my albums from "Lewe" all the way to "Watch The phone 2", Thank-you.

Shout out to all the people that help keep me moving from the BKZ's TO Zion and our group and my work friends back home and most importantly my family for keeping me going

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