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The Creation of the "Watch The Phone" Series

Updated: Feb 17, 2019

Creating any album for me is always a real rush because honestly i move off impulse and i just go with the flow, which is why i free-style in the first place. The real magic behind any of my music is my producer and bestfriend Zion Jackson. Zion completely handles all the hard work that comes with working with a small time frame and keeping up and staying with high energy constantly.

To really understand how our collaboration albums work, you have to see our process in action. That means usually seeing us goof around in his apartment until someone says something catchy enough to put on a track. This is the process for any collaboration we do together, and that's why its fun to make music. Its not really about always making what you think may be a hit, but something thats just fun to do with people you care about and i think thats what makes the entire "Watch the Phone" series special.

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